lunar new year event

Chiba Shrine and Chiba Port Tower for the Lunar New Year event. Everyone prayed and wrote ema at the shrine so that they could pass the first choice school. I had a wonderful day watching the beautiful scenery from the observation floor of the port tower and looking at the scenery along the sea while


New Year’sevent

We enjoyed New Year’s traditions at school. For example,Kakizome-calligraphy for the first time of the new year.Sugoroku-traditional Japanese board game.And Takoage-kite flying. Today,Students could experience New Year’s culture in Japan.


School excursion to Kamakura

We visited Kamakura on friday, December 9th.


(日本語) スピーチコンテスト

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(日本語) スポーツ大会

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(日本語) 課外活動を実施しました

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(日本語) 第五回漢字王決定戦

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The first time school excursion

We visited Kamogawa Seaworld in September 2nd. It was the first time schooltrip for our students,they looked so expected and excited. Students felt mysterious sea world there,they were really into adorable animals. We enjoyed seeing sea,taking many memorial pictures,and got refreshed very well.  


Organize new year activities in February

On the new year on February 1, the students watched the popular chinese movies together in a classroom, received the New Year gifts that me prepared for them, they had a relaxed and happy time .


School excursion in December

JLPT on December 5th had just finished,our students were so relieved then. We carried out the off-campus study that we had been looking forward to. We went up Tokyo sky tree,and walked aroud Asakusa area. It was a nice change of pace,made students refreshed and motivated for going on the next stage of education.  


School excursion in September

We visited aquarium in Kasai seaside park. It was a very hot day, but fortunately we got a chance to go out on this Covid situation, watched mysterious sea world,got on the Ferris wheel. We enjoyed this precious time so much.


(日本語) 第三代漢字王決定戦

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(日本語) 日本の文化を学ぶ

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We carried out manners course

We invited an outside lecturer to our school, learned how to dress a suit,and points of interview test. How to bow correctly,sitting politely,the way to wear a tie…Students were so curious and practicing there.


Off-campus training

We participated in the jr east (railway company) event. On the day of the event, we also participated in a welcome ceremony.


Sports Classes

You played soft volleyball and moved your body. It was fun! Was your teamwork good?


Orientation for New Students

An exchange meeting was held between international students and Japanese students. Thank you for the next two years!


Entrance Ceremony

Congratulations on your admission! Let’s study a lot from now on.


(日本語) 入学式

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Standardized test

📄The standardized test was held on January 10. Did you do your best?😊😊?