School features


Within Ueno you can feel the wealth of Japanese culture. You can find ancient shinto shrines, the historic Ueno Park, the National Science Museum, and the National Museum of Western Art, which is listed as a World Heritage Site. Just steps away from Akihabara, Japan's largest electric town, you can learn Japanese while truly experiencing Japanese culture.

From "cramming vocabulary" to "speaking fluently"

Our school curriculum is not just limited to exam preparation. We have integrated content which is indispensable to develop advanced Japanese communication skills. You can improve your Japanese language competence from the very beginning as you cram vocabulary, all the way up to the point of speaking fluently.

A broad range of Japanese cultural experiences

In addition to Japanese courses, we offer various extracurricular classes that will let you gain a multifaceted life experience as a foreign student. This will enable you to learn about Japanese culture and history outside of the school walls and participate in celebratory events, all the while interacting with Japanese people. It will gear you up for taking language level tests, at the same time refining your Japanese communication skills, too.