About scholarship of our school

About “STEP UP scholarship system”

The private expense foreign student learning encouragement costs payment system (allowance: 48,000 yen a month) [about 570,000 yen a year]

It is scholarship paid from Japan Student Services Organization.

STEP UP scholarship system (allowance: 100,000 yen) [20 a year]

As for “the scholarship of general Japanese school which only classman receives,” only student having high Japanese power has chance of receipt.
This score became how much than the last score, or, as for “the progress scholarship system of our school,” it is to person of receipt object in = growth rate (growth rate) that is “how long do you try hard?!”.
Therefore it is scholarship that we grow, and chance is big as Japanese beginner with margin having high rather Japanese growth rate.

※ About the election of person targeted for STEP UP scholarship receipt
In the united examination (ability judgment test) that three are performed monthly, thing having good attendances becomes person of receipt object in five growth rate (the rate of climb from the last time test) high ranks.

We can receive only "scholarship of general Japanese school" → classman!

 "STEP UP scholarship" →It can apply to anyone if we make an effort!