STEP Overview

Located in Chiba along with Ueno Law & Business College, the STEP Dormitory provides a comfortable and safe living environment backed by a great security system. It will enrich your life with other students who are there for the same purpose of studying.

1 minute from the nearest station, 40 minutes from Tokyo

STEP is located only a minute away from Soga Station. Tokyo is 40 minutes by train from Soga Station.

Around the station

Local bus lines, Haneda Airport limousines, and bus lines to Tokyo stop at the bus terminal in front of the station. There are convenience stores, mobile phone shops, pharmacies, bookstores, restaurants and an employment center around the station.

0 minute from the school

The dormitory is located in the same building as Ueno Law & Business College Japanese Language Course. The building for the IT Business Course is also 10 minutes from the station.
You don’t have to worry about commuting.

STEP Facilities

Comfortable dormitory life from the day you arrive in Japan

Equipped with a washing machine and refrigerator Equipped with furniture and bedding Caretaker present 24 hours
Internet Air-conditioner Kitchen and Bath (24 hours)

Apartment style


Fully equipped room

Each room is equipped with basic furniture (bed, bedding, desk, closet, etc.) as well as an air conditioner, refrigerator and Internet connection.

The room

Shared facilities open 24 hours

The kitchen, laundry, shower and study room can be used 24 hours.

24-hour security system / Separated for men and for women

The main entrance of STEP Dormitory is equipped with a fingerprint door lock system. Only dormitory students can enter the building. The security cameras are also in operation 24 hours. A great security system makes the dormitory safe.

security camera