In this 2-year course for international students, you can obtain specialized knowledge and qualifications related to tourism to get a job in the tourism industry and become an immediate asset.

Course features

I. Become a specialist of tourism business

You will learn about tourism business in Japan from various angles and obtain specialized knowledge and qualifications.

II. Learn Japanese hospitality

You will learn about Japanese culture and hospitality towards guests.

III. Career guidance according to your goal

You will be guided through your study according to your goal such as qualifications, university admission and employment.

Curriculum (excerpted)

I. Japanese and world geography

You will learn about tourism spots and cultures in Japan and around the world to pass the Travel Geography Test.

II. Basics of Japanese business

You will learn manners and basic knowledge necessary for working in Japan.

III. Computer literacy

PC skills are necessary in any type of work. You will learn how to use Word and Excel and obtain practical skills.