Characteristic of Group

Study in class depending on own Japanese ability

Attend the ideal class according to your Japanese language level

To figure out which Japanese language level is appropriate for you, you take a “standardized test” every three months. Classes are split up according to these results, so you can always join theclass which suits your Japanese level best.

Class teacher system that can feel relieved by student life

“Personal Steward Program”allowing to lead a worry-free student life

Additionally to your class teacher, a seminar teacher will be assigned exclusively to you. After enrolling, this seminar teacher has a personal interview with every student to identify the desired academic track. After this, they meet on a regular basis with the student to help him/her determine the correct track. By carefully assessing the student’s desired academic track, together you will be able to find the university or vocational school that is right for you. The seminar teacher will also counsel you on aspects of daily life such as housing, part-time jobs, and medical emergencies.

Substantial examination measures

Intramural Academic Guidance Courses

Students who have reached a certain level can choose the most fitting courses according to their desired academic track.
* Examination for Japanese University Admission prep class,Japanese-Language Proficiency Test prep class, etc.(paid or free)
* Graduate school advancement guidance, national/public university advancement guidance , private university advancement guidance, andgeneral-subject classes (paid or free)

Scholarship system depending on growth rate

“STEP UP Scholarship System”

Our school has established a unique “STEP UP Scholarship System”, for which students whose grades improved significantly from the previous examination period are eligible.That way, beginning students of Japanese with higher improvement rates and growth potential stand a higher chance of receiving the scholarship.(Scholarship worth 100,000 yen, 20 recipients per year)

Student dormitory

Fully furnished dormitories

All World Net Group schools provide student dorms near the school. These are equipped with a TV, laundry machine,refrigerator, air conditioning, furniture, bedding, and internet, so you can start a safe and secure student life from the day youarrive in Japan.

Various extracurricular activities

Diverse extracurricular activities

There are many extracurricular activities for students, such as hanami in Ueno Park during the cherry blossom season, a visit to Disneyland, trips with classmates, etc. Through extracurricular activities, students can get a taste of Japan’s traditions and culture.

Excellent teachers

Elite teachers

Our teachers boast many years of educational experience and have produced outstanding results. They don’t limit themselves to study guidance, but also provide extensive support for your daily life. We also employ non-Japanese secretarial teachers who will provide their full support to help you through complex administrative procedures or in times of sickness.

Exams and job preparation process

Time period (example) Graduate schools Universities Vocational schools Job hunting
May to June Prepare documents Prepare documents Prepare documents Company analysis
July to September Prepare application forms and research proposal Complete application forms Complete application forms Company briefing sessions
Complete application forms and research proposal Test -interview
October to December Documents screening -Exam
-Interview -Essay -Oral exam
Documents screening -Exam
-Interview -etc.
Documents screening-Exam
-Interview -etc.
January to February Acceptance Acceptance