I entered this school when I came to Japan a year ago. At the beginning I was anxious as I didn't understand anything, but thanks to the good care of my teachers, my life as an international student became more and more fun. I enjoyed participating in the speech contest, visiting Disneyland, and traveling to the Kamogawa aquarium.Trying on a Japanese kimono at the cultural festival was also quite interesting.Eventually I was accepted at Chuo University, my first choice! I’d like to thank the teachers from the bottom of my heart.My sincere thanks to the school as well.
Chuo University,
Faculty of Commerce,
Business Administration Department
- Chen-san
It's been about a year since I came to Japan hardly knowing anything about it. A year isn't really a long time, but it's not short either. At first I was like a hopeless wanderer, but now I'm confident that the path I've chosen is the right one. Thanks to the help of my teachers and my own efforts, I could find my own future. The greater the effort, the sweater the reward. I hope you’ll all be able to fulfill your dreams and wishes as well.
Sophia University,
Faculty of Economics
Chiba University,
Literature Department
- Cho-san
It's been two years since I came to Japan. During my whole time here, my teachers took g reat care of me. On the day I arrived, they went out of their way to come pick me up at the airport and bring me to my dorm. They even accompanied me on trips and took pictures for me. When I ran into some issues, I could talk with them about just anything and they resolved it for me. I’m especially grateful for their continuous support when I was still undecided on which major I would choose, as they prepared my university application do cuments and practiced mock interviews with me. It’s really thanks to them my days in Japan were that enjoyable.
Toyo University,
International Cultural Exchange Department
- Chen-san
I can’t believe how fast time has flown by. Soon it'll be two years since I entered this school. In these two years, I met with many different people and saw lots of beautiful landscapes. It left incredible memories. But there were also difficult times. My introvert personality caused me to be so nervous during interviews I was hardly able to speak at first. But thanks to the teachers’ tireless support in practicing my interview skills, I was able to overcome my personal barriers and enter the college of my choice. Now that I’ve entered into college, I carry the hopes and expectations of my teachers and will keep walking the road towards my dreams.
Nihon Kogakuin College
Creators College
-Anime Department
- Zhou-san