School features

Course content

These courses aim at preparing you to advance to higher education. During classes, we pay pecific attention to students' conversation and listening comprehension skills. To ensure that students preparing for entrance exams can achieve their objectives, we further invest greatly inguidance for the essay section of entrance exams and the interviews of universities and graduate schools.

Academic guidance

For students preparing for higher education, a steward teacher provides hands-on guidance from the selection of institutions to obtaining, completing, and sending out the application documents. This multifaceted support gears up students for a seamless transition to higher degree programs.

Flawless exam preparation

Students who have reached a certain Japanese language level choose a suitable academic guidance course according to their academic aspirations.

  • ・Preparation for the Examination for Japanese University Admission, the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test, English tests, etc. (free or paid)
  • ・Guidance on advancement to graduate schools and national, public, and private universities, as well as general guidance courses (free or paid)

A magnificent environment for studying Japanese

The nearest station to the school is Hirai Station, which is located in a quiet residential area in Tokyo. It is a great environment where students can concentrate on their study of the Japanese language. School dormitories lie within walking distance. In the shopping streets along the way, you can buy anything you need to study or in your daily life