Cultural experience as school activity

This time,our activity was cultural experience.
Students made Futomaki matsuri zushi ,that is traditional dish in our local area.
We are worried about it would work out or not at first,but after watching demonstration of instructers,tried the same way,it went well! Then they had Futomaki they made,said it was good.
Female students also worn Yukata,Japanese summer kimono.It was a so special experience,so it seemed like that they couldn’t stop taking photos of themselves.
In the afternoon,we experienced natsumatsuri,Japanese summer festival.
There were games like shateki-shooting gallery,wanage-ring toss,and super ball sukui-ball scoop.
Although it was the first time challenge for them,some students got a lot of prize through the games.
At last, we did suikawari,watermelon split game,shered and ate a big watermelon.
We enjoyed the festival mood all day.

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